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Something Random


Ok so you may be wondering....what's Something Random....well Something Random is my band so far consists of Me (bass vocals) Eric (guitar) Josh (drums)'s alot of fun and we're writing songs about as fast as i can think of lyrics maybe someday we'll be at a town near you

Site Updates

3/26/05-fully updating my site


Skating is going great i'm progressing slow tho because i work ALOT. Who cares tho. Maybe someday I'll go pro. YEAH RIGHT!

My Favorite(enter random thought here)........

My Favorite band: Straight Outta Junior High

My Favorite song:Like The Angel  (By:Rise Against)

My Favorite color: Yellow

My Favorite food:Fast food

My Favorite flash cartoon: 8-bit D&D

My Best friend: Riley(was there any doubt?)

My Favorite sport: Skateboarding

My Favorite person in the world: My brother Jeremy


My aim: